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Community is at the core of WFF as we recognize that sharing challenges, expertise and life experiences strengthens each of us. Our online communities connect working women with shared interests and challenges to help you grow professionally and personally. During our annual Leadership Conference, our Communities of Interest (COIs) also meet in person. 

Consider which COI resonates with you most (or participate in more than one) and join the discussion via LinkedIn.

Online Communities

Care Givers

Many women play an additional role in life as a care giver for older relatives, children, partners and family and friends with special needs. Although care giving can be highly rewarding, it can also be physically, emotionally and even financially draining. Together, this community shares lessons learned, difficult feelings, helpful resources and advice for caring for people of all ages — and yourself. 


Despite strong progress in recent years, members of the LGBTQ community still can feel isolated in the workplace and unable to bring their whole selves to work. Together, we share knowledge, personal experience and resources to support one another, educate allies and advocate for inclusive work environments in tune with the needs and challenges of LGBTQ members.  

Military Families

Military families face unique challenges that are difficult for others not connected to the Service to fully understand. From making the transition from military work to civilian life to dealing with the challenges of lengthy deployments, homecomings, injury and grief, members support one another with access to specific resources and through deep understanding that is uniquely theirs.  

Women of Color

Women of color face even stronger headwinds than white peers, are much less likely to hold C-Suite positions and are even promoted from entry level to manager less often. Connecting with women who face similar challenges and can share important advice about how to survive and thrive at work can decrease stress, build capacity for the journey and increase both insights and connections to accelerate advancement.   

Working Mothers

Work and home are both highly rewarding, and demanding, aspects of your full life. Working mothers are better equipped to stay engaged in and build their careers when they have a support network who can help them navigate the challenges and enjoy the rewards of parenting. Together, we share concerns, tools and best practices honed in the trenches to create sanity at home and at work.  

Young Professionals

Concerns and goals in the early years of your career are often very different from those held later in life and it helps to share and explore them candidly with peers. This community focuses on skill building, career planning and accessing resources to help young professionals advance. We focus on how to build an effective network, deal with setbacks and build the competencies and business acumen to take your career to the next level.