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As a WFF member, you will build the life-long leadership skills and confidence
to direct your career where you want it to go.
Learn and Grow
WFF is your daily source for inspiration, customized content and connection that will help you build the competencies to advance. In-person events, virtual learning, online resources and local WFF networks expand your vision of what’s possible and help you realize it.
“I have been a WFF Member for over 15 years and every year, every event, every webinar and every connection has supported me through my journey at PepsiCo. WFF makes learning and development easy and accessible to all!”
Heather French
Senior National Account Sales Manager
Expand Your Network
Access to industry leaders and role models (and the inside story from women who have met challenges and thrived) is what connecting with WFF is all about. Our learning community is also a support network of colleagues, mentors, inspiring role models and Communities of Interest (COIs) you can turn to everyday. 
“Engaging with WFF enables me to intentionally acquire and hone new skills, identify relevant barriers in my life and career and create an action plan to address them. I can definitely see progress in my leadership development and WFF created that opportunity for me.”
Amy Vinette 
2019 Changemaker Senior Business Development Manager,  Breakthrough Innovation
Propel Your Career
Assess your strengths and opportunities with our unique Leadership Self-Assessment (LSA) tool and then dive into WFF’s deep well of content to build your personalized growth plan. You can even volunteer with WFF to gain more opportunities to practice new skills. We’ll continue to work closely with your company and all WFF Partners to share practices that open more doors for all women.
“These networks have directly made an impact in my career growth, not only advocating for me, but they have been a great resource of experienced knowledge and a group that I can happily call my friends.” 
Mallory Prest
Product Commercialization Manager
Ventura Foods

Annual Membership

  • Gain access to unique learning resources and career development tips through WFF Connect, the Members-only Portal
  • Learn from senior industry executives through our Limitless Leader video series
  • View speakers from past WFF events through the Success Talks video series
  • Connect with colleagues and industry leaders through the WFF member database
  • Participate in WFF volunteer opportunities that expand skills and connections
Become a Member

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of membership and what is included?
Access to the Member Portal which offers the following unique learning resources and tailored career development guidance:
  • Professional Development: Access to the Leadership Self-Assessment (LSA) tool to assess your strengths and opportunities.
  • Professional Inspiration: Success Talks and our new executive video series will enable you to learn from senior industry leaders and other subject matter experts.
  • Professional Networking: WFF member database connects you with colleagues and industry leaders.
If I am not in the Food Industry, can I still join WFF?
  • Yes! Individuals who work in areas that support and interact with the Food Industry also benefit from membership and anyone can register for our leadership development events. Our members often include individuals working in banking, research, media, marketing and other related sectors.
  • Although WFF is the Food Industry’s thought leader on gender equity and focuses on best practice solutions for food companies, other companies supporting the food ecosystem, such as technology, finance or consulting, are involved and welcome.
Is membership intended for senior executives only?
  • Definitely not! WFF membership is valuable for individuals at all stages of their career journey. It may even be most valuable for those early in their careers by providing extensive learning opportunities and the chance to network with senior industry leaders.  
Can men join?
  • Yes! Men are welcome to become WFF members and are active participants in WFF events. Men are critical allies who help foster greater understanding of the important business case for gender-diverse leadership, serve as colleagues,  mentors and sponsors to women and can call attention to unconscious bias in the workplace. 
What events/learning opportunities does WFF host throughout the year?

WFF hosts a number of learning opportunities throughout the year geared to professional development at various career stages.  

  • Leadership Development Workshops:  We offer one day, in-market learning opportunities for Emerging Leaders and Emerging Executives throughout the country through our Leadership Development Workshops.  

  • Legacy Series Workshops:  We also offer the Legacy Series Workshops taught by industry leaders and intended for Emerging Executives and Executives.    

  • Local Events:  You can also participate in and help coordinate a local WFF Exchange regional networking event. All events are listed in the WFF Member Portal.

Do I need to be a member to attend WFF events?
  • No, membership is not a requirement for registration. Everyone is welcome to attend WFF events and your registration will often include a year-long complimentary membership.  
How can I become a WFF member?
  • Register for an Event:  You receive a complimentary one-year membership to WFF when you register for the Leadership Conference or a Leadership Development Workshop.  

  • Company Partnership:  If your company is a WFF Partner, there may be a WFF membership available to you through your employer.  

  • Purchase a Membership:  You can purchase a one-year membership without registering for a WFF event for only $249.