This award is presented to a company for fostering engagement of its team with WFF, enhancing the value of WFF within their organization and contributing to the goals and overall success of WFF. Success is demonstrated by team members engaged in bringing the value of WFF to the company, enriching the company and advancing the team.

2017 Recipient Red Lobster

WFF Board Member and Red Lobster President, Salli Setta, provided remarkable support to the 2016 Orlando Leadership Development Workshop. Salli mobilized her team, and together they developed a comprehensive plan to drive engagement, awareness and attendance to the event—gaining valuable leadership experience along the way.


We sat down with Kristyn Oramas, who was an integral part of planning, promoting and hosting the 2016 Orlando Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) to find out how she was involved in the process and what she learned from her experience:

What were your roles and responsibilities leading up to the workshop?

With President Salli Setta serving on WFF’s Board, it was clear that Red Lobster would need to play a key role in driving awareness and attendance for the workshop in Orlando. Salli recognized that the real win for the workshop would come from engaging the broader food industry ecosystem (theme parks, hotels, colleges). In order to achieve these goals, we developed a plan emphassing some of the following tactics:

1. Holding top-to-top meetings with key influencers to unlock strategic partnerships with WFF, using the LDW as an introductory event

2. Leveraging the use of emails and letters to reach broad audiences

3. Using social media channels to amplify the event to our local and on-profile connections

These efforts were made possible due to Salli’s engagement and leadership, as well as partnering with her Sr. Executive Assistant, Barbara Gramatikas.

What did you gain as a leader from your experience helping to put on the workshop?

My ability to impact the LDW in Orlando was made possible by Salli’s willingness to trust me and my work. I was able to see what it means to be a true thought partner who champions change and innovation, the power of delegating to maximize effectiveness, how to influence others and how to drive for results through a clear strategic vision. Working on this event absolutely shaped who I am as a business professional and it developed my leadership skills, too!

What is the number one takeaway you had from attending the workshop itself?

Relationships matter! We learned about driving engagement and the ability to influence, both of which are impacted by the relationships you cultivate with your team. Between the ice-breaker booklets in the morning to the networking break, the event wove in opportunities to start making relationships in real time!